Saturday, April 18, 2009

Essay test or multiple choice

Honestly, some people are really good test takers and some are not. From elementary school to high school, I was a poor test taker, because I would get so nervous before the test, that I blanked out. Therefore, I liked multiple choice growing up, because it would gave me multiple opitions, that made me think and reminded me of what I really learned in class, thus taking out for the most part the incorrect answers. I always felt intimidated by essay test, because I had no assistance when I went blank, thus I wasn't very successful and I started to hate test a lot.

In college I started to like both essay test and multiple choice test, for different exams. Sometimes I really like to elaborate on my answers and get every point down. I also like multiple choice, because it created me to recall information from class, but also know the wrong answers too.

I think it's important to give students a mixture of test, depending on the different units being taught, so that every student gets a chance to succeed in one way or another. I think it would be important to see what students in your class mostly succeed in, whether its multiple choice, true false, or essay tests and try to give them those types of test more, but not just completely limited yourself to give just one of those test.

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