Friday, February 13, 2009

Fairness in Assessment & Learning Targets

Fairness in Assessment is teaching lessons so that every student no matter what background, race, ethnicity, gender, disability,  learning disability or not can understand the material being taught.  Therefore, everyone has a fair and equal chance of comprehending the lesson at hand.  That means making accommodations, spending extra time with a student(s)  or providing an environment that every student can learn equally in.

Through learning targets  there are several ways to access students.  There are general learning, specific learning and mastery learning targets that can be targets for the class or individual subjects.  What i really like about the learning targets are that they incorporate taxonomy to get the most out of the target.  Taxonomy helps me organize my thoughts, into  what I want my students to really get out of my lessons and what the should achieve after the lesson is taught.  Therefore, learning targets not only help me become better organize in my thoughts, but they also help the students understand what they should achieve at the end of the lesson.

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