Friday, January 30, 2009

My name is Leigha Ashmen. As I posted last time I'm a sophomore at SPC, where I'm majoring in Elementary Education and Political Science. I really would like to be either an Elementary School teacher or a Middle School Social Studies teacher. I love playing soccer it's been my life ever since I can remember, so as you probably could have guessed I'm part of the SPC Women's Soccer Team. I grew up in Winslow Township, NJ, which is a half an hour from Philadelphia and Ocean City. I love doing just about everything; sports, hanging with my family, friends and my boyfriend, and getting involved in Bible studies and church activities.

Now, why I wanted to become a school teacher. When I was in Kindergarten I went around telling everybody that I wanted to be a writer or an Elementary School teacher and as I got older I still had the career goal of becoming both of those things. As I looked more into the major requirements I realized that I couldn't major both in Communication and Elementary Education, so I made a decision to study to become a teacher and possibly a Social Studies teacher, for my love of being around children and helping making a difference in their lives, as well as, my love for history and the political systems around the world. Besides school and soccer I work at Victoria Secret, in addition to working all around South Jersey training youth soccer players.

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